Owning your own home is a great thing but it can also bring a number of financial responsibilities with it, such as the up-keep and repair of your plumbing system. You need to be well aware of what could go wrong with your plumbing system and what you need to do when it does happen. With this blog post I will attempt to guide you through a few of the more likely plumbing disaster your home may face.

A potentially unpleasant situation you could find yourself in is having a blocked toilet system, a situation that you will want to rectify as soon as possible. The first thing you, and anybody else living in your home, needs to be aware of is that you should never flush the toilet in an attempt to clear a blockage, all this will do is lead to the toilet overflowing onto your floor. You could try to remove the blockage yourself through the use of a plunger or, if that does not work, you need to get a professional plumber to come out and clear the blockage for you. There are things you can do to ensure you do not have to go through this situation, the main one being never flush anything other than human waste or toilet paper down the toilet.

Other blocakages that are quite common are kitchen sinks where a lot of the time waste food or cooking fat has been pored down the sink and formed a blockage. Try to minimize the solid foodstuffs that get put down the sink and do not pour cooking oil or animal fat down the sink because it will solidify when it cools and begin blocking the system.

Broken or leaky water pipes are another common issue with household plumbing, water pipes can break or begin leaking at a moments notice so it is very important that you, and other occupants, are aware of where the water shut off valve is and how to use it. Ensuring that the supply of water to the house is shut off as soon as a pipe starts leaking can potentially save you a lot of money in damaged property. sometimes a pipe will start leaking through corrosion and no real fault of your own but it is also quite common for people to hammer a nail into, drill into or cut through a pipe when attempting some DIY, you should always take extra special care to avoid water pipes when doing any form of home improvement.

The last scenario that you are bound to come across at some point is a fulaty water heater. All water heating systems have a lifespan but you can prolong yours by getting it serviced regularly (something you really should do anyway) and maintained properly by a qualified central heating system engineer.

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